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 Mafia wars free gifting

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PostSubject: Mafia wars free gifting   Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:38 pm

Open Mafia Wars.

1 - Copy the following link.


2 - Paste it into your address bar and press Enter. It breaks out of the links and gives you a nice clean black background.

3 - Go to Bangkok and click on 'My Mafia' and select 'Free Gifts'. Select the Mystery Bag.

4 - Click on 'Proceed to send' when the text says: 'Choose a rare collection item to send to your friends'.

5 - When your Mafia Friends appear you copy the following link.

javascript:(function(){prompt("Copy the link below", /<fb:req-choice%20url='([^']+)'/.exec(document.body.innerHTML)[1]);})();

6 - Paste it into your address bar and press Enter.

7 - A New message popup box will appear saying 'Copy the link below' with a very long link in it. Copy the complete link.

8 - You can make your long link tiny: www.tinyurl.com

9 - Paste your link and click on ‘Make TinyURL'. Copy the short link.

10 - post your link on your feed and when people click they will get the item for FREE and you still keep your daily allowance and are able to send out gifts normally
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Mafia wars free gifting
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